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Men`s Society

Men`s Society

Men´s Society er et britisk merke som ble startet av Hugo og Bella i 2018.  Her er deres beskrivelse: 

"It was 2008. I was living in London doing a very sensible corporate job. When Bella walked into the office and changed the game forever. A girl can do that to a guy. Like most relationships in their early stages there was a fair bit of showing off, trying to outdo each other with little gifts. Only Bella was annoyingly good at it.

These gifts ranged from persuading the pizza guy to write 'get well soon Hottie' onto the box when I was too ill to leave my flat, a custom made bright yellow umbrella - to stand out against a sea of black ones - to the perfect little grooming kit to accompany a surprise weekend away to Berlin; Bella always nailed it.  Which got us thinking... and in 2012 Men's Society was born and we put Bella’s gifting skills into action full time. 

Like a lot of businesses, ours was founded and created at the kitchen table. Ambitions were dreamt around it, ideas sketched on it and product made at it. The business has grown (along with our family) and we now work with some of the top retailers in the world but we still make everything by hand, in Britain and we're super proud of that. Although we may have out grown our original table, we still hold the  same dreams, drive and attention to detail that we had at that kitchen table all those years ago. Hugo & Bella x"


Men's society sneaker cleaning wipe

Sneaker cleaning wipe, fra Men's Society. Et must for alle skoelskere! Sørger for at skoene dine ser smashing ut uansett hvor du ferdes. Denne rengjøringskluten er spesielt utviklet for å raskt fjerne skitt og søle fra skoene før flekkene setter seg. Kluten har to ulike sider - den ene for enkle flekker og den andre for tøffere flekker.

men's society gaveeske golfer's essential kit

Gaveeske, Golfer's essential kit, fra Men's Society. Den perfekte gaven til golfentusiasten! Bortsett fra selve golfkølla og golfballen, inneholder dette kule settet alt en golfer trenger - amatøren som proffen. Innhold: Rengjøringsvæske for golfkøller (De skal jo alltid se smashing ut) Rengjøringsklut for golfkøller (For gressflekkene) 4 stk golf pegs (Fordi de alltid forsvinner) Håndkrem (Træler er en ekte sportsskade) Muskelkrem/muscle rub (Golf er helt ærlig en anstrengende sport)

men's society gaveeske bike riders essentials kit

Gaveeske, Bike riders essentials kit, fra Men's Society. Den perfekte gaven til sykkelentusiasten! Settet inneholder alt syklisten trenger til turen - proffsyklisten, hobbysyklisten eller til-fra-jobb-syklisten. Innhold: Bukseklype (Holder lange bukseben unna sykkelkjedet) Poncho (Sykkelentusiasten sykler i regn og storm også) Muskelkrem/muscle rub (Perfekt for såre muskler etter lange turer) Gnagsårkrem (Hos en ekte syklist gnager det både her og der)

men's society gaveeske festival survivor kit

Gaveeske, Festival survivor kit, fra Men's Society. Skal du, eller noen du kjenner, på festival i sommer? Da er dette settet et must! Settet inneholder alt en festivalløve trenger for en herlig helg full av søle og god musikk. Produktene kommer i en liten og smart tinnboks, designet for å ta så liten plass som mulig. Innhold: Vanntett poncho (Ingen festival uten regn) 10 tool multiverktøy (Kutte, plukke, pirke, sage, eller åpne flasker - din beste venn for helga) Øreplugger (Musikken vil du høre, men ikke nødvendigvis lydene fra teltet ved siden av) Sammenleggbar tannbørste (Ta vare på emaljen!) Tannkrem (Du vet aldri når du trenger frisk pust..)

men's society gaveeske gent's shoe polishing kit

Gaveeske, Gent's shoe polishing kit, fra Men's Society. Supert sett med alt du trenger til skopussen. En perfekt gave til skoelskeren! Produktene er av høy kvalitet, og er egnet for både glatt skinn, nubuck skinn og semsket skinn. Innhold: Nøytral skopuss Rengjøringsbørste Klut Brukerveiledning Ingredienser skopuss: Terpentin, bivoks, carnauba voks

men's society gaveeske sneaker cleaning kit

Gaveeske, Sneaker cleaning kit, fra Men's Society. Supert sett med de beste verktøy for rengjøring og pleie av dine favorittsko! Her finner du høyteknologisk rengjøringsvæske og en super børste som sørger for at skoene dine alltid ser smashing ut, uansett hva de måtte utsettes for på sine daglige turer. Settet er egnet for både canvas, semsket skinn og glatt skinn. En super gave til deg selv, eller til en skoelskende venn! Innhold: 2 flasker rengjøringsvæske a 50ml Rengjøringsbørste Brukerveiledning Ingredienser rengjøringsvæske: Vann, jojobaolje, kokosolje, polysorbate, vitamin E

Men`s society håndkrem handsome hand cream

Håndkrem, Handsome hand cream, fra Men`s society. Natural, nourishing hand cream for the man who cares about quality. We formulated this with your palms in mind. We only use quality ingredients, blended to perfection. Your hands have never felt softer. Suitable for: Hard working hands. Use at home or on the go. The well groomed gentleman. Ingredients: Aqua, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Stearic Acid, Prunus amygdalus dulis, Glyceryl Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Cera Alba, Cetyl Acetate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Anthemis nobilis, Lavendula angustifolia, Panax Ginseng, Symphytum officinale, Sodium PCA, Alcohol denat, Tocopheryl Acetate, Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Borate, Ethyhexylglycerin, Methylisothiazolinone, Citrus Limon and Mentha Piperata. Completely free from sodium laureath sulphate, parabens or phtalates.

Men`s society gaveeske Travel face towels

Gaveeske, Travel face towels, fra Men`s society. Praktisk metallboks med 20 engangskluter, ypperlig når du trenger en forfriskende ansiktsvask på reise. Kluten ekspandere når de kommer i kontakt med vann. The perfect accessory when you're travelling. A clean fresh face towel wherever you are. The towels come in tablet form and when activated, expand to provide a refreshing, hygienic face towel. To activate: Add water. Wait three seconds. Be amazed. Suitable for: Holidays. Picnics. Business trips.

Men`s society gaveeske handsome hands manicure kit

Gaveeske manikyr, Handsome hands manicure kit, fra Men`s society. Enhver mann burde ta godt vare på hendene sine. Dette settet er lett å ta med, og kan brukes der man er; på reise og hjemme. Settet inneholder håndkrem, negleklipper, neglesaks, to neglefiler, neglebåndsrenser, neglebåndstrimmer. Manicures are manly at last! Why shouldn't men be allowed to enjoy a good pamper session? This kit is everything he needs to keep his fingers and nails pristine. Suitable for: The well preened man. Hard working hands. Gifting the man who has it all. Contains Moisturising Hand Cream. 30ml. The all natural age-old formulation, rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to moisturise skin, soothing the pores and conditioning the nails. With a light citrus masculine scent. Stainless steel nail clippers Stainless steel scissors. 8.6cm. Two nail files. For shaping and smoothing any rough edges. Cuticle cleaner. Cuticle trimmer.

Men`s society gaveeske Tattoo care kit

Gaveeske, Tattoo care kit, fra Men`s society. Perfekt gave til den som har blekk på kroppen. Inneholder: beroligende vask, fuktighetsgivende salve, kald kompress engangskluter, guide til hvordan best å ta vare på sin tatovering. Inked? That creation is with you for life. Care for it in the early days and it'll look brilliant on your skin. Suitable for: First time inkers. Experienced canvases. Buying someone who's about to head to the parlour. Soothing Wash Keep that masterpiece clean. Moisturising Balm Keeping tattoos moisturised is great for the healing process. Cold Compress disposable towels Getting inked can be messy business. It's best to be prepared. Tattoo Care Kit Guide Got questions? We've got answers. Ingredients: Soothing Wash: Aqua, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Lauryl Glucoside, Glycerin, PEG/PEG-120/10 Trimethylopropane Trioleate <1% Aloe barbedensis Leaf Juice, Laureth-2, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Tacopherol, Panthenol, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol*, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate *Benzyl Alcohol present as a preservative and also classed as an allergen.

Men`s society lommespeil gull

Lekkert lommespeil i gull-finish, fra Men`s society. Always look truly stunning on the go with our gold compact mirror. Our glamorous gold compact is a sophisticated way to check on your look; whip it out for touch-ups on the go, or use it for detail work such as eyebrow grooming. Presented in a beautiful bespoke box, this compact mirror is a perfect gift for anyone who cares about their appearance.

Men`s society gaveeske new daddy survival kit

Gaveeske, New daddy survival kit, fra Men`s society. Den perfekte gaven til en nybakt far. Inneholder: beroligende badeolje, øyemaske, øreplugger og bleieposer som holder ALL lukt inne! They say that becoming a parent is a magical thing. Maybe so, but sleep is much nicer. Help him through this troubling time with the new daddy survival kit! Just don't let him claim any sympathy - he'll be perfectly rested and content.